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I was born when the sun was in Taurus, the moon was in Cancer and Scorpio was rising around 6 months after John F. Kennedy was assassinated. If I live to be 78 I am past middle-age already, so I can’t use that for an excuse any longer. I’m a fairly level-headed girl who loves music, big snowstorms, and beautiful colours. My favourite combination of colours is what you see when you lie on pine needles and look up through the branches to the sky. It would be great if a lovely, bright red bird landed on the branch, too. If I had to choose one colour it would be the exact hue of a robin’s egg. I also really want the job of the person who names the colours of paint chips and J. Crew pocket tee’s. I love apricots more than peaches, and warm strawberries the best. But only in June. No one should be eating strawberries in any other month. Oh, I love new boxes of 64 crayons. Still.

Mice are not afraid of me.

I have loved books since I was born. I read everything and anything and my favourite book still to this day is Charlotte's Web. I read it every year. I also love Wuthering Heights and I have several copies of it from very old to brand new. If I could I would have an entire wall of every room be bookshelves filled with books. I love looking at them, so many colours, so many places to go inside of them. I love being surrounded by books.

I am a hopeful romantic.

It is only natural, when you love colours as much as I do, that you eventually try to paint with them. I am not comfortable calling myself an artist, yet, maybe more of a dilettante, but I love art in every way. Many of my friends are artists and they are a constant inspiration to me. It is such a joy to see something through the eyes of an artist. That is what the very best of them do—they show us the world through their eyes.

I love the smell of coffee. And settled dirt, after rain.

And when I get a new box of 64 crayons I like to write the name of each colour, in that colour, on a fresh sheet of white paper. In the order of the colour wheel. My daughter has inherited this trait as well. My favourite name of a Crayola crayon is Bittersweet. Unfortunately, that colour was retired.

I also prefer deciduous trees without their leaves. There is nothing you can do to change my mind.