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Sunday, 21 October 2012


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Libby Maeder

I love the essay on the technology noose...or is it a kite string ...? A little of both. I wont sign off technology, and as a matter of fact am typing this on my Kindle Fire after resding Nest as a web page! So i wont totally eschew technology but i do feel a real urge lately to unplug more and maybe go a little backwards. You know those keurig coffeemakers? I would rather have the electric stainless percolator from which Lucy poured Ricky his coffee into the cup atop the saucer at their tiny kitchen table. So that is my goal. I am tired of talking on a cell phone the size of a pack of gum. I want a real phone that rings instead of playing "ring tones." One that is connected to the wall so i have to sit down in a chair in my house and talk. I am not sure where I am headed with it but thanks for the additional inspiration to use technology mindfully...and not.let it be a leash.


@Libby. You know I use a percolator when I make a pot of coffee, right? My grandma's. If it's just me I make one cup with a Melitta filter, and I've thought about buying an electric drip again, but ended up not doing it. I know exactly what you mean. I will never give up my technology either, but I'm going to try to be more mindful. In fact, when I get home from delivering my daughter to her home in Texas, I'm going to attempt a Facebook diet. We'll see how that goes!

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