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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


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I love books, too, but have secretly been entertaining getting either a Nook or a Kindle -- especially useful when we travel -- I won't have to lug all those books with me!

Did you look into Kindle as well?


Giving up the sensory experience of holding a book in my hands has been my primary reason for not embracing electronic book readers. And your photos are testament to the fact that there is just something so beautiful and intriguing about having shelves full of books, books and more books. But I must admit that I am gradually softening as I start to see a bit more value in the technology. You make a great case, and your pros and cons are right on to how I feel. I have also heard that at least one particular reader has a highlighting feature -- a big draw for this girl who doesn't like to physically mark up her books. What made you choose the Nook over the other readers on the market?


Hi Kathy and Melanie,

I chose the Nook mainly because I could actually "test drive" it, which I couldn't do with the Kindle, and also because the Nook allows to lend books to other e-reader users, as well as borrow them from the public library. I did get to try my sister-in-law's Kindle when she came to visit and it was great, too. I actually liked it a little better. But Kindle isn't compatible with anything other than I bet they change that, though. The Nook has a terrific highlighting feature. I use it a lot. I recommend bookmarking the page you highlight as well to make it very quick to find.

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