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Monday, 07 February 2011


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susan greene

I admit Im still in pajama/casual clothes today. It I also feel the need to leave the house more.


nothing like pulling on my flannel pj pants and long sleeved tshirt and my uggs to move about the house in the winter and sometimes fall! i could so easily fall into that trap if i didnt have that pesky work i have to go to everyday!!!


I can relate, worked on a deadline the past few days, been running around no make-up, hair in a pony, in exercise clothes and slippers. I took a shower at 2pm. I find I need to move in the am, shower and I get more done...but not the case lately. Deadline, must finish.. Yes, quite a stylin' look~


Working in jammies is the best!! I do, though, too miss being with people sometimes -- and fixing my hair and wearing mascara just for me seems a waste, but the traffic is NEVER bad between my bedroom and office!

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