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Friday, 05 November 2010


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Marilyn Annucci

Thank you for this thoughtful post. I think about this subject a lot. Reincarnation also makes sense to me--I like to think that our souls are the one constant, and, based on the bodies we're in and all the social conditions of our time(s), we keep learning and growing. As for not remembering our past lives, maybe that doesn't matter--maybe we are able to deal with each thing and person in the lives we're living because of all our accumulated soul experience.

Do you read Emily Dickinson's poems? She often take up the subject of belief in sly and provocative ways. You might like this piece about her writings on belief


Marilyn, thank YOU for your thoughtful comment. Reincarnation does make a lot of sense to me in some ways, if just that our soul's energy continues on and on, melding into all that has ever been and ever will be. There have certainly been moments in my life where I've been so sure that I've been somewhere, or connected at some other time and place far away with another person that I had never met before. I'm not so sure how Christianity would explain that very real, if visceral, phenomena. But my struggle with Christianity is so huge. It would be so easy to discount it, shrug it off and say I just don't believe, but that's not really the case. Something in me keeps me going back, treading through it and holding on. I have to pay attention to that.

Emily of my favourite American thinkers. The book you led me to sounds fascinating and it is one I have not read, or even heard of! Thank you so much for that. I can relate to her lifelong struggle and her intense inner life, even if my own pales in comparison. I have placed her collected poems on my nightstand once again. Thank you!

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