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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


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susan greene

Your words are amazing and beautiful. When I meditate loving kindness for myself I imagine a warm yellow light (in my practice the light of God) entering my head and filling my entire body. Then when I exhale I imagine my breath is grey and smokey which symbolizes all the mean, ugly feelings leaving my body. For me visualizing helps....i see more in pictures than words.


I must admit I do not have a lot of knowledge about Buddhism... Metta... I like this - so wonderful for the soul, yes?

Thank you, Querida...


alex s

Metta - "It's a love that lasts forever, a love that has no past..." Thinking of you. Hope your light is on.

I've finished my Thinking Blogger post, thought you might want to know that. :-)


misty mawn

dearest kateri,thank you so much for this post! xxxxxoooo


yes :) wonderful beautiful you, xoxoxox


No matter how long we have been practicing, revisiting the teachings brings new insight each time. amazing to me. Thank you, your voice adds great warmth to the subject.

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