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Wednesday, 03 February 2010


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Kathy Ariano

I think I've learned more about myself on those days when all those juggled balls crash around me. I'm not saying these were happy days, but they were certainly defining.


your cat pisses on the floor too??!! and i so relate to falling on the ground and not really feeling the ground. bodywork, either massage or acupuncture to the rescue...massage puts me back into my body again (how long it will stay there is another matter :-)
your honesty is what i come for here, that along with the incredible beauty and open heartedness, feels like home.
i'm pretty invisible these days, much of my days spent alone. i don't know how long this will go on but much good energy is penetrating into me, warming and healing me each time i sit and become quiet. i've missed myself, we're getting reacquainted again.
miss you! xox

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