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Monday, 15 February 2010


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Neve whispered in my ear that she cannot wait to be released...xx

Kathy Ariano

I have found that since I've retired ALL days of the week are wonderful! Before I retired, not so much. Mondays might have been "da bomb" but they were much more like a giant stink bomb! I also HATED Sundays!

Randi Nervig

With all the skills you have, you should be able to start your own business. It's possible to get/hire help with the financial part of it. And you really write well - the snippets of your life that I've read (I only just started reading your blog) are very interesting - I'd read 250 pages in book form. Speaking from experience: if you're a creative sort, you'll really hate hate hate working for someone else! If I were 20 years younger and not ready to retire, I'd throw it all over and start my own company, doing ANYthing to avoid having to work for someone else. Just sayin'!

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