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Tuesday, 04 August 2009


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Hola Querida,

As usual you have touched upon an art form that has such beauty and meaning. Ever since re-emerging in bloggy land I have had the inklings of doing a kindness swap involving mail love. I threw it out there a bit in my last post just to get people thinking about it, and have hammered out the details while relaxing in Wine Country. Once I get home (Thursday) I will post and hopefully people will want to join in. Perhaps you, mi Amor?

Whether yes or no, I'm so thrilled to be reading a post from you. I've missed your straight to the heart writing. And I'm more thrilled than ever that I insisted on my little electronic notebook coming along! Though the keyboard is so *(!&^* small I wanted to throw it off the balcony the first day - ha! See? A pen would not have done that to me, yes?



Kathy Ariano

I so very much agree with you about emails being so ephemeral. However, I believe that blogs are the new letters. They afford us the same level of personalization that written correspondence does/did. How fantastic would it have been if Jesus Christ, Sir Thomas Moore, or Thomas Jefferson had had a blog! Or Amelia Earhart?? Or even some of the most evil humans who had ever lived -- like Rasputin or Hitler. What insights they would have provided.
That being said, I still correspond with my chemistry teacher from high school and I've kept most of his letters. They're a living history...


Can you please send me your postal address...for thou shall put art on paper for the me at

big hug xx

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