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Monday, 02 March 2009


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susan greene

oh you cannot imagine the joy i felt when I saw you had posted. You have been in my thoughts and prayers daily. I doing cartwheels because the surgery was soooo successful.!!!!!!


So happy for you and your good News! Keep it the good work so we can get back to knitting! LOL!
All my love and nothing but the Best for you!


i've been holding you tightly in my thoughts and heart for the past many days. I'm SO happy it went so well for you, it sounds like it's about as smooth as it can be. only better and better, less and less pain from this day forward, amen!!

love, love xoxo

alex s

You are such an amazing woman! Strong and brave and generous enough to share your journey with us. I'm sending balloons full of positive thoughts up to the sky for you today. Keep your eye open, you may just see one float past your window. xo

ps: I am going to pass along your URL to my SIL who is dealing with breast cancer now. She feels so alone, perhaps reading your words will help her connect again. xx


Only you could get through this so well. 3 cheers for Kateri! See you soon.


such good news honey ... so glad to hear ... hugs and warmth xo


OH! So, so glad to read this post. I have been lifting you up in prayers. I won't stop, but am so glad to hear the wonderful progress report. Just know that I am thinking of you.

jen gray

i just exhaled.....
brave beautiful kind dear
jen gray


So HAPPY to hear the great news, thankyou for sharing every minute with so many...
Paula Ralph

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