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Thursday, 22 January 2009


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I think that we've transcended the stigma of implants in some ways by those very women who decided to go without. Now we know there's a choice and we can decide what we want without feeling we're being untrue to the sisterhood. None of it matters in the long run anyway- only your needs and your choice are what really matter. Your choice to share this with your readership is brave, but not as brave as walking through this every minute. I'm eternally blown away by you, dear friend!


I think your positive attitude is inspiring and will help get you thru this. The fact that you are so aware of other peoples pains & sufferings at this time is amazing. I've enjoyed your blog and your candid honesty about your life. I will keep you in my prayers.

kelly snelling

i so get it. i feel like you are singing my song. 'especially about the hospital. it is intently odd to have cancer two years behind me but to go to the oncologist's office every few months. cancer is not on my radar anymore. it eventually loses its power and fades beneath the joys of the day. but to walk back into that office is to remember with sight and smell. you are so wise, kateri, to look into their eyes. you are giving your strength to them. you are sharing your spirit. it is the most kind intent and i believe it is humanity at its most pure. to gather your love and share it as best you can even in small ways. and as for the why of the reconstruction, there doesn't even have to be a why. you know instinctively what you will do and that is enough to be able to know yourself and listen to that voice. blessings to you. xo-k


your breast is round and beautiful, you are beautiful - your post shines with the love and light your heart gives off. i am inspired and strengthened and delighted when i come here. you are taking this journey, one step at a time, it brings to mind walking meditation. i am happy to know that your dealings with the plastic surgeon has brought you peace, it sounds like you have found someone you trust. my thoughts are with you daily my sweet friend, full of love. xox


I was catching up with friends today, discussing the art and beauty in simple, natural things, when I brought up you, your blog, your photos, and your perspective. I told my friends how I enjoy your posts and photos, enjoy the opportunity to see through your eyes. You inspire me to take the time to reflect on the physical beauty around us, as well as the intangible beauty in every moment, whether it be a breeze or the most difficult storm of emotion. The way you appreciate and embrace every experience, and how you so graciously share, blows my mind and warms my heart. I know that you will more than simply "get through this". Your words and tone lead me to believe that you see it as another adventure on your journey through life that will shape you (literally!) and all you touch as meant to be. I love you, Kateri, and thank you for being you.

Also, look at all the comments you get when you post a booby pic on your blog! :)


your words scare and lift me up at the same time, making me realize just how little say we have in what comes our way, one day your breasts are all your own and then just like that they aren't...
your spirit here amazes me the most... you are such a beautiful soul! and i wish the best/easiest recovery from this huge curve on your path of life.
sending much love to you from Virginia, on this late saturday morning.
you have and will be in my thoughts, always in my heart. xo

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