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Thursday, 29 January 2009


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kelly snelling

this is a time of your life where your senses are razor sharp. you are attuned to everything going on inside yourself and outside yourself. this strength of mind will carry you through it all. and then, when it is far in the past, you will look back at these entries and marvel at your own power. and that memory will be something you can turn to again and again in other situations of your life. this is your journey and in it you will grow. it is not one that you would choose for yourself. but you are stepping up to the challenge fully armed with knowledge, strong spirit, and practicality. that is what makes you an inspiration to all the people around you. you will be fine. you will be fine. remember that.

it sounds like you are very lucky with those nurses. that drain is the jackson-pratt i was talking about. if you have time, try to get one of those camisoles with the little pockets for it. it really made my recovery more comfortable. xo-k

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