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Monday, 15 December 2008


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Kateri! You're back! I was so happy to see that you visited my blog (where I have also been mostly absent). I have missed your posts and your the beautiful visual and verbal images you share. I am one who feels more energy in the spring, but I am inspired by your reverence for the darkness of winter. I hope you've been well (my goodness - you're working hard!) and happy... I wanted to email you, but I am having trouble sending mail out. xox - Carla

susan greene

Oh I love your words your writing!!! I feel as if I have just been wrapped in the luxurious hand knitted shawl made with the most exquisite yarn.....all created by your words. Yes this world is full of wonder.


You captured it exactly. I didn't think anyone could do that. Catch the magic in words, I mean.

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