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Wednesday, 24 December 2008


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Skippy's Mom

...and I'll be there along side you, learning from you every step of the way..... Luv U !

jeanne herself

no stories or info to share (sorry), but will slather you with telepathic hugs and positive thoughts.


You ARE my hero! I have no experience with this myself but have a dear friend who has been cancer-free for a few years and would be happy to put her in touch with you. She used a very holistic approach- both traditional & non-trad... She's a Master Herbalist. Anyway, I'll be there any way you need... keep on keepin on!
love, steph


i am thinking of you, you always have a warm hand here if you need it...
this sucks and i wish i had words to help make it easier for you.

YES, let's go to the Ice Hotel together! I would love that...the drive would be just wonderful and the destination... i have a feeling it is just amazing.

Happy New year darling one... sending you love & light. xo

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