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Sunday, 18 May 2008


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All of us walk on a very fine line in life. Some of us have a very strong will to survive and some of us because we have been enablers all our lives fall apart and try to find our way in life. It is important to look at the talented artists and see that they too experience outside influences which have effected their quality of life. Meloncholy and happiness work together. You learn to appreciate all the important non material things in life. The first snowfall, the clean crisp smell of the first fall day, the raked leaves, the early departure of the sun in the winter, a walk in Emery Park, your first ski run for the season. Those are precious memories that create poetry and pictures of peace,tranquilty and a healthy mind set for us. It is the material things, cars, boats, airplanes that send us all in the wrong direction and pull us apart from being human. Human in the way that we can reach out to one another. Think about it. All the bad feeligs arise with one another when you have so much. The ability to reach out to people when you need them they are not there. Suddenly you start loosing those material things and suddenly the jealousy is gone. The need for each other in bad times appears to happen suddenly.
I have always put people first before any material things in life. This is where in life I feel we are tested with RIGHT AND WRONG decisions. Should I go see my mother or will my husband be mad if I do? Should I go to my Neices graduation or will my husband be mad at me if I do. I have fought with Material things and peace of mind for 30 years. Now I am becoming like him. Depressed, seeking therapists to help me fell better about myself. Running to work so I do not loose my mind like the artists you refer to did. It can easily happen, it is happening to me. If one is fortunate to have a home to call their own and escape to God has truly blessed you. Sometimes going thru times like these you realize again, the importance of HOME. The value of HOME. It is a comfort zone for all of us, especailly for our children It is a place to run HOME too when things are not right. It is that small room or the smell of Home that brings such contentment to our well being and peace of mind. I want peace of mind and tranquility again. I want to walk thru Emery again, look at the mountains at the lake again. Change in ones life is essential for peace of mind. If one stays in a realtionship that is depressive and destructive the other person will allow themselves to be destroyed. You are on your way to such a beautiful life. It took unbelievable strength and the shoulders of such good friends that we both have to lean on. You can't lean on a plane,a car, for emotional support. But when you wlak thru the front door of a HOME...a happy peaceful home to experience melonchly....thats when happiness begins.

I want that door to open for me...I am loosing all hope though. My son is my sunshine and my hope...I get up for him..I dream his dreams when I go to work...when I get my paycheck...when he sends me his new song that he made with such a Good Friend, and we know who that is. They are such an inspiration for each other and I know they will make it....thats what keeps me going is my Brandon.


oh how you feed my soul-- seriously, this was EXACTLY, precisely, what I needed to read today to bring me back into myself from the drifts of cloudbanks I have been lumbering through.

Thank you for taking the time to put this post out there for all of us.


what a great post. you put into words so eloquently what i often feel in my bones about art and poetry. i've been thinking about this recently (the difference between poetry and prose, etc) and i think it has something to do with the limits of language to express what's within our souls. With poetry (and art) we can stretch language in a way not normally accepted that gets closer to what we feel in our hearts.

as for divine discontent, yes, i do believe that people need a creative outlet and without it, people often turn to a less healthy form of expression. perhaps for people who contend with more inner turmoil, they're not necessarily more creative, but simply need that creative outlet more than others in order to function properly.

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