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Tuesday, 06 May 2008


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Skippy's Mom

....and thank you for the lovely pictures, especially the one of you....the person who ALWAYS makes me smile....Missing Kris a lot...your house is so quiet now without him .....but there is always the loveley Anna to perk things up.....cannot wait for your party this weekend....always nice to see all "the girls"! LOL

and think of your meeting with the attorney today as just turning another page in the book of your very intersting life...and don't be sad, because all those years and all those experiences have made you the wonderfully intriguing person that you are...

love you Missy !


Love the hair, May Sarton, and the picture of that beautiful cat. Thanks. ;)


what beautiful photos, i love when light infuses life in such beautiful ways :) and your hair is gorgeous, simply gorgeous you :) xo


Ahhh, its been awhile, but the sisterhood lives! Looking forward to celebrating your birth Saturday in the Land Of Women. I had no idea you wrote such lovely things about me! What a treat to happen upon such a lovely acount of our friendship. Looking forward to saturday... xo-steph


Love all these glimpses of your home, but especially YOU... I love seeing my Querida, especially with that smile...


Your hair is wonderful, it frames your face perfectly.



Don't worry that life is done and now you have greater fish to fry!
Congrates on being published, Onward and Upward Sweetie!
Peace to all,and Many Happy returns of the Day Teacher!
PS: Ed Scissorhand can't hold a candle to Miss Anna! LOL!


oh how lucky all of your friends are to get to come and spend this weekend with you!
what a wonderful time it will be!!!

Beautiful, beautiful photo of you...look at you, so lovely!

Happy birthday to your dear sweet son!

ps...something is headed your way...finally! ;-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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