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Saturday, 31 May 2008


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such a beautiful & alive photo...she looks so much like you in that photo.

outdoor night bathing in a copper tub...god does that sound wonderful!
Happy weed pulling, it is a beautiful day here, i really hope it is there, too! xoxoxo


Anna is gorgeous- and looks so much like you at the same age! Good genes, I guess : )
I've dreamt of a tub in my woods- actually, an outdoor shower and tub combo- with an "S"-shaped stone wall separating them with little nooks for candles, and a teak bench to lay on after. That copper tub is calling my name!


You have not lived till youve had a dunk in a hottub when its below 32 and the Snow is lighty falling and you have a glass of red wine, and talk to your old friends about where theyve been and where there going to be in their next stage of live.
I get out drunk with the knowledge that life can and will get better then this!

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