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Saturday, 10 May 2008


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oh, yes... and lessons that are difficult at times...especially when you are in that whirlpool, swirling around and around and you can't see anything but what is right there, until your perspective changes and then you know you did what YOU had to do. ...and to be that water....shaping the river, the rocks, the world....amazing, isn't it?
your passion for life is so very obvious, and how lucky one is when their life is full of passions, but i do think that passion comes with a price of letting every little thing matter...from a simple lovely leaf on the ground, to ugly issues that make you want to cover your head with blankets while you scream at the world, while something like john lennon's "nobody told me there would be days like these" plays over in over in your head...

...all you can do is what you know you need to do, so drive that damn car, just make sure you have some good music, a full tank, and just maybe a map. ;-)

i do Love the banner...but it was easy to create with your beautiful photos...sigh...i am looking forward to working with them some more.

much, much love dear one! xoxoxoox
thinking of you!


Hey Sweetie,
Thinking of you being scared to read your own stories in class....then standing up and doing it with a voice a bit shaky...but still doing it...and realising that it is not that scary....

I'm so proud of you...for following our passions...
for loving yourself....
for believing in yourself...
for driving the damn car! xx


the banner is so lovely and captures the beauties we find here so perfectly! what a magical woman that Misty is!!

And you, kateri, oh how I wish for you ease as you go through these challenging currents. don't let your attorney (or anyone) aggravate your fears-- after all, it is fear that is at the root of our un-ease and dis-ease . . trust that it is all happening as it should and that you are doing everything right-- trust is what will buoy you down the stream.

sending love to you


the banner is beautiful and suits the beauty that i always find here ... xo


Hi! The new banner is gorgeous. I didn't realize you did another new one. Water really speaks tome right now- the constancy of it. The always-moving-ness of it. The flow and ebb and swirl of life.

susan greene

I have finally had the time to sit and digest this amazing post. I am printing it and carrying it with me. I to need to be more like water....not easy for my extremely german like personality. I am so sad I missed your birthday party. I hope and pray all is well with and your children.

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